Carnival in your palette…

Nowadays, almost everyone loves Indian cuisine. However, the traditional phrases uttered describing it are “which curry do you recommend?”, “won’t it be too spicy?”, “damn, tomorrow morning won’t be pleasant!” and many more adjectives filled sentences.  Indian cuisine comprises of many regional and traditional dishes that a lot of people have not tried. This stereotype is broken down by “Carnival” located in DIFC.


“Carnival” by Tresind is an urban-chic restaurant that presents Indian food with a unique twist. The interiors are very appealing to the eye. As soon as you enter, you will be surrounded by lantern trees and dreamcatchers. The roof is a black shade hovering over you with a checkered floor. It truly gave a carnival feeling and you will forget that you are in an Indian restaurant. We were seated in the middle of the restaurant, which was soon approached by a friendly staff member. He described the various options regarding food sharing. When the menu was handed to me, I could have easily spent a good 15-20 minutes reading their menu, just glaring at the tongue twisters. If you are an individual or a group of people who have a tough time making decisions when it comes to food, I would recommend getting the chef’s menu that consists of 15 unique dishes prepared by the chef and you can choose if you want either vegetarian (all the dishes will be veggie!) or non-vegetarian (wonderful for hardcore meat-aholics). The only drawback is that you won’t be able to share this menu if the group is a mixture of both meat and non-meat eaters.


We decided not to go with the chef’s menu since my family is a mixture group as well. Therefore, we ordered dishes that we found most appealing by the name of the dishes. The one thing I loved about Carnival was their innovative names for the dishes. Some of the dishes we ordered were:

  • Vada Pao Service” – it was described as the class vegetarian snack of the Mumbai mill workers. It is basically potato fritters served in a bread bun, accompanied by sweet and spicy chutneys/sauces.
  • Life Is Short, Eat Dessert First” – this was my mother’s favorite because of her sweet tooth. It was a palette confuser actually since it was a mixture of Jalebi (fried coil of batter drenched in me it is amazing. You will not stop at one bite), yogurt, chickpeas and potatoes. If you like experimenting, you will love this dish!
  • Khao Gali” – I loved the presentation of this dish (the picture below). It had a bunch of mini traditional dishes from the streets of Delhi. It is very similar to those Youtube videos where tiny dishes are made for the hamster. Refresh your memory here.


At the end/right before the dessert, we were given palette cleanser which is generally nothing exciting, right? But if everything has been so exciting throughout, how can Carnival leave this small detail alone? They bought a dish filled with smoke and in the middle, there were the palette cleansers – tiny bowls filled with passion fruit sorbet.


We were too full by the end to have any dessert but this did not stop us from peaking into other people’s table who had ordered dessert – yes, we are those kind of people. The most beautiful dessert I had seen till now was when a waiter cleared the table, put a white sheet on top and started decorating it with chocolate/raspberry syrup, chocolate chunks and other kind of sweets. Finally, he brought in a white chocolate globe and put it in the middle of this sweet chaos. Slowly, he started pouring in liquid nitrogen which froze everything in it. He picked up the globe and smashed on the table, breaking it into small chunks for everyone to share. That was the perfect highlight!

Well, this was my complete experience at Carnival and I would love to go back again! There is another reason why people would love going back again and again to Carnival because they change their menu according to seasons. Currently, we ate from the Season 3 menu and it will soon progress to Season 4. If you want to see a video of their previous two seasons, click here.

To know more about “Carnival” by Tresind, visit their website. The average cost for two people at this restaurant would be around AED 500 (It’s worth it!).


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  1. Devanshu says:

    As always, nicely written!!

    i shouldn’t have gone through this blog when i was feeling hungry 😐
    Have you ever seen a dog drooling?
    yes? well same is happening with me now..only 10 times worse (._.)


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