Transition from reality to fantasy…

“How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure.”

– Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

Every single individual nowadays has a preferred fantasy world they want to live in. Even I do but shhh it’s a secret. However, let’s go through some popular trends I have heard people talk about being a part of till now.

  • About more than half the world is obsessed with Harry Potter. Naturally, I am a HP nerd too. But have you ever fantasized about being a part of that world? Be a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw? Or maybe be a part of one of those mysterious potions classes? And if you are like me, maybe be a part of the Defense against Dark class.
  • Nod if you love TV shows that include mind-boggling serial killer murders like Dexter. While you are watching the show, do you ever think what would you do or how would you escape in a situation where Dexter is trying to kill you? Again, I have…thanks to all the day dreaming sessions.
  • What about a zombie apocalypse? If you are not a part of the crowd who has not thought about that, you are living in some other world. Every person has had at least one discussion in their life where they have come up with escape plans from those Walking Dead zombies. Hopefully, we do not get into that situation but come on…there is no harm in taking precautions! Always be prepared.
  • And the most popular out of all of them is the classic Sherlock case. I don’t need to even explain this concept since it is common sense.

Well believe it or not, each and every single scenario listed above can be lived in now! You can get into these situations (willingly) and use the beautiful brains of yours to escape your way out these fantasy filled cases.

To give a little brief introduction to those who don’t know much about this concept, Escape rooms are rooms that are conceptualized according to your desired fantasy. It can be either an underground bunker, a house of a maniac, modern museum, a detective’s apartment or maybe Hogwarts itself. You are told to be in a group of minimum two people or maximum five people and you have 60 minutes to escape the room. It sounds amazing doesn’t it?

Dubai has become the next destination for escape rooms. It increasingly became popular in the US first but now it has made its way to our beautiful pearl of a city. There are many companies here who have started working on this concept but the one I particularly I was infatuated with was the “Phobia Escape Games” in Jumeirah Lake Towers in Cluster X because they had the most talked about themed rooms in their vicinity. This particular activity is something anyone can take part in – whether it be with your friends, family, work colleagues or even if you are visiting the city. If you want a break from the usual touristy activities, escape rooms are the best thing to get engaged in since every place has a different concept.

I took part with two of my friends in a room that was designed to be like Sherlock’s apartment. Unfortunately, I cannot give away the steps of the game but I can tell you this much – it was worth it and if I have sparked a little bit of curiosity in you regarding this topic, you have to go check it out! Now when people think of escaping a room, you will automatically think of Claustrophobia. I personally hate being in confined spaces but when I went into these particular rooms, they are wide open and you do not feel congested in it. So don’t worry about having a panic attack in the middle of the game!

Heads up: No electronics are allowed in the room so you are left alone with your beautiful brain, team working skills and your peers. Make the most of it and you never know…maybe you will build a solid relationship with the ones you are playing with more than ever. I know I did!

To learn about the different themed rooms in Phobia Escape Games, go explore their website. You can book your preferred concept, timings and the number of people you want to take part with. One game will cost you around AED 120 which is not bad for an hour session. If you want to play for longer, you can always book consecutive hours of different themed games. Now that I have typed this out, I feel like going ahead and booking one more session of it!


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